Crackajack Sportfishing Adventures

Unique guided fishing tours of the scenic world heritage listed Hinchinbrook Island and great barrier reef.  Providing clients with an experience that will create memories that they will talk about for the rest of their lives!

We have the best of both worlds when it comes to fishing.  For a full day fishing charter, you are on the water for approximately 8 hours.  Depending on if you fish inshore or offshore, we target different species.  Our inshore boat is good for getting into the shallow creeks where our bigger boat cannot reach.  Inshore fishing is usually calmer as we can hide amongst the estuaries to get out of the weather if windy.  Some of the fish species we target are Barra, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Finger Mark, Nannygai, Sooty Grunter, Cod and Queenies to name few.  We use live/dead bait or lures.  On our offshore days we use our big boat which is a 6.2 Svensson and is quite stable.  We start at the end of the sugar loader popping and stick baiting for GT’s and from there we can visit various places on the reef where you may come across Spanish, Grey or Doggy Mackerel (depending on the time of year), Cobia, Nannygai, Coral Trout, Tuna and Golden Trevally.

Fishing packages can be tailor made to suit your holidaying experience.  From single full day guided fishing trips to multi day packages including accommodation and complimentary breakfast hamper.  Our boats leave from the various boat ramps located around Lucinda in beautiful far north Queensland.

Crack A Jack Sport Fishing Adventures, Lucinda

Introducing our fishing guides...

Have you ever wanted to catch a Barra or Mangrove Jack or what about a Nannygai or Coral Trout?  Well what better location than stunning, picturesque and Jurassic Hinchinbrook.

Crack A Jack Sport Fishing Adventures, Lucinda


Robert will be your inshore guide taking you amongst the mangroves chasing that trophy Barra or Mangrove Jack.  You may even spot a Dugong or Turtle or a Croc warming itself on the mud flats.  He loves using soft plastics where we have onboard various styles and colours for you to use on your fishing experience.

Crack A Jack Sport Fishing Adventures, Lucinda


Damien will be your offshore guide taking you out to the various reef spots or playing around the islands.  He loves the excitement of hooking up to a big red or if you are really keen a GT.  Sometimes we see whales on their migration or dolphins playing.  On board you will have the option of bait or lure fishing depending on what you are chasing.