Absolute North Charters

Absolute North Charters is dedicated to a sustainable growth culture when it comes to our world heritage listed National Park, Hinchinbrook Island.

Everything we do puts the park and the local lifestyle at the front and centre of our decision making.

We think this improves your experience when you visit.

Hinchinbrook Island is Australia’s largest all island national park.

No other Island in Australia even comes close to this amazing natural wonder no more that 3.5 km from the Port of Lucinda.

It’s sheer size and rugged skyscape demands your visual attention.

When it comes to hiking the Thorsborne Trail, then it makes sense to begin and end at Lucinda because of the close proximity of the end of the trail, George Point. This ensures you a quick transfer back to the mainland where you can take advantage of the authentic local services also listed on this website.

No other port does the Thorsborne Trail better than Lucinda with Absolute North Charters.

Absolute North Charters, Lucinda